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3 billionaire Traders Revealed!

Below are three video tutorials which outline,the secrets of 3 of the worlds top billionaire Hedge fund managers. If you want to learn Forex Trading, you need to learn from the best and the three traders below, are acknowledged as 3 of the best of all time.

George Soros Techniques of the Quantum Fund

The billionaire investor ran one of the most successful Hedge funds ever but the funds success was based on a simple strategy – learn how the Quantum fund became the most successful of all time in this video tutorial.

Paul Tudor Jones – Trading High Odds Reversals

Paul Tudor Jones is one of the worlds most successful traders and one who focuses on high odds reversals. Learn how to trade at market turning points for maximum risk to reward in this video tutorial.

Edward Thorpe – The Probability Trader

Edward Thorpe is one of the worlds successful Hedge fund managers but very few traders have heard of him. Learn his secrets of success and how to use probability to maximize profits and restrict risk in this video tutorial.

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